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Work With Julia

Corporate Wellness Coaching

Dr. Julia is available to coach your company in ways to create healthier employees and a more productive work environment. If you would like to discuss corporate wellness coaching with Dr. Bowlin, click here to send her an email.

Prescription for PAWAR Digital Course:

  • 25 Step-by-Step Instructional Videos

    These fun instructional videos help you absorb and implement each step in the program easily – no matter your learning style.

  • 39 Customizable Worksheets

    These done-for-you materials provide the tools you need to follow this plan and become a healthier you.

  • 5 Core Modules

    Easily digestible modules support you as you go through the program at your own pace. It’s easy to follow and understand.

  • Help and Support Along the Way

    Get your questions answered as you work through the program by Dr. Julia Bowlin and her team.

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An outstanding speaker and presenter, Dr. Julia Bowlin brings in humor, drama, and the art of storytelling to speak in a manner all people can understand. Her down to earth persona and information-packed Keynotes make her a dynamo on the stage. Her presence is commanding as soon as she takes charge of the podium by increasing the energy in the room in and around her involving the audience throughout her Keynote Speech. Her real life examples and stories make her instantly relatable and her content is exactly what the audiences need: Understandable education, pumped up motivation, and of course reliability.

Dr. Bowlin can add tremendous content and motivation to your event. She speaks on topics related to self-improvement and personal healthcare responsibility in hopes of impacting people to stop self harmful behaviors.

Julia speaks to two groups of people: consumers and medical providers. If you are interested in hiring Dr. Bowlin to speak, please click here to send her an email.

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Motivation in Health for Consumers

Medical Provider Education