December 22, 2017
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This time of year there are SO many reasons to get the sadness blues:

  • getting sick from all the viruses
  • so much less daylight
  • feeling disconnected from people and feeling nobody gets you
  • memories reviewing of lost loved ones and missed opportunities
  • stress from the holidays

What is one supposed to do???

“Winter is coming” formally so  it is best to put on your proverbial winter coat and wrap yourself in good scarf and gloves to stave off or manage the pain that that sadness brings

Here are 3 “A” steps you can use to shift the energy into healing, health, and wholeness.

  1. ASSESS: What you are really feeling?  Are you carrying emotional anchors such as sadness, loneliness, regret, shame, blame from the past that may or may not be serving you in the present?  Stop what you are doing and go through the “WHO< WHAT <WHY<HOW<WHEN” of the emotion. Who was with me? What was I doing that triggered my present feeling? Why am I feeling this way? When have I felt this way before?  Getting clarity is so helpful to put the emotion into perspective.
  2. ACKNOWLEDGE you are human and forgive yourself and others.  Let your adult mature self nurture and hold your inner child who might be suffering from a loss or past trauma.  You are human and deserve to feel deeply and experience pain as well as joy.  It is truly the human experience to do so.  Be kind to yourself and be your OWN best friend!
  3. ACTIVATE: Tell yourself “this is a moment in time” and this too shall pass and let it be OK!  You might be mourning your expectation of what you thought your life would have or could have been.  Just acknowledge this and then  send to the universe your vision of what you expect the future to be.
    1. Set intentions to bring yourself back to the connection with other people.  YOU NEED THIS.  We are social animals.  If you are alone find a place to volunteer, go to a church service, work in a soup kitchen, make some food and take it to an elderly who is isolated or in a Nursing Home.
    2. Just make a list.  Set a timer…sit in your blues wholeheartedly and acknowledge your beautiful capacity to feel deeply.
    3. Get a natural “mood light” and use this mid-day to bring some “sunshine” to your day.

The Holiday Winter Blues are a true subjective experience and I wish you love, self kindness, connection, and support.

Julia Bowlin, MD is one of the nation’s top family doctors voted by Consumer Research Counsel of America. In her many years as a doctor in private practice, Dr. Julia has implemented a blend of conscious awareness and conventional medicine.

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