Tip #12: A Life Out of Balance Comes With a Price

April 12, 2017
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Tip #12: A Life Out of Balance Comes With a Price

Tip #12: A Life Out of Balance Comes With a Price

Consistently living life out of balance – at a frantic pace — comes with a price. Not only for the people who are experiencing the imbalance, but also for the people they care about, and the organizations they serve.

Did you know that companies lose between $200 – $300 per person annually due to work place stress? Did you know that 80% of people feel stress on the job and that stress is the number 1 health problem? And global studies indicate that 70% of workers do not feel they have good work-life balance.

Frantic, chaotic, hectic lifestyles cost us not only the joy we find in life, but create a feeling of loss of control, while negatively impacting everyone and everything around us.

Choose to move toward balance, so instead of paying the ‘price’, you can reap the reward.

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Julia Bowlin, MD is one of the nation’s top family doctors voted by Consumer Research Counsel of America. In her many years as a doctor in private practice, Dr. Julia has implemented a blend of conscious awareness and conventional medicine.

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