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Celebrate 2018: How To Maximize The New Year

The Road Ahead: What Will You Do Differently This Year To Celebrate and Succeed? Changing the way things are done can bring opportunities for great celebratory success yet physical and emotional reactions to change can be scary and irrational, resulting in “failures”, a decrease in quality and a loss of production. CHANGE CAN BE SCAREY […]

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How Does Shame Rule Your Life?

The Key to Openly Connect and Feel Worthy While Embracing Vulnerability Brené Brown’s Ted Talk on vulnerability and shame was amazing and rings true with me because of my own personal life journey. Please watch if you have EVER felt isolated, unloveable, not good enough. Have you struggled with emotional chains such as HATE, SHAME, […]

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The Difficulty of Change

When We Embrace Change, We Embrace our Potential   Every human being knows about change. It happens in their lives whether they want it or not. Change is difficult for all of us. We would all prefer for change to happen more easily and with less impact on our lives. Unfortunately, change often requires us […]

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