Are you tired of being tired? Is your brain foggy and your body falling into flab? Do you feel like there is just NO TIME whatsoever to do what you need to do in order to feel vivacious, think more clearly, and connect with yourself and others more deeply?

You probably know WHAT you need to do to be healthy such exercise, sleep, eat a healthy diet, drink water etc… You probably even even have access to educational resources to teach you these behaviors. So, you know HOW to become healthier.  After 22+ years of medical practice and over 100,000 patient visits the biggest comment I receive from my patients is “I don’t’ know WHY I don’t do what I need to do to fell better!

It is time for YOU to feel vivacious, think more clearly, have a peaceful heart and mind so you can thrive in your personal and business life while connecting more fully with the world around you. Join host Dr. Julia Bowlin and her expert guests as they share simple proven tips and tools to guide you in becoming healthier, wealthier, and wiser in your journey to your most energetically excellent self. Every episode is saturated with information to awaken your mind, body, and spirit. Don't miss out on the most important conversation you may have this week with yourself after listening to Mindset Medicine™ Podcast.

Dr. Julia Bowlin is a physician, author, personal and corporate health & wellness coach. She is the founder of Personal Awareness Medicine™ , and creator of the successful PAWAR™ online study program for individuals and corporations. She is consistently voted one of the “Nation’s Top Family Doctors” by the Consumer’s Research Counsel of America and the International Woman’s Leadership Association has declared her a “Woman of Outstanding Leadership”.

Now is the time to step into your full power and. There is a major shift happening on the planet and you are now being activated to become personally aware and responsible for your wisdom, knowledge, and personal gifts in a visible and profound way.

Leave your blocks, fears, doubts and confusion behind. It is time for you to claim your authentic inner and outer authentic voice, intuition, and physical health so you can fearlessly experience, express, and project your most excellent self.

Now is the time to step into you full power and brilliance as the spirit led person you were born to express.

MAKES  Are YouTired or Toxic

June 30th, 2016

1:00 PM EST

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July 23, 2015
@ 10 AM PST


Discover How to Love, Honor, and Cherish Yourself Forever After


If you are ready to finally meet the true person you want to be and become fully committed in your own life, this is the time for you.

If you are ready to be fully engaged with your life, this is the time for you! If you are ready to love, honor, and cherish YOURSELF then this is the moment for you! If you are ready to be your own best friend and your own better half then… THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! It is time to be the best YOU before you become two.

While taking the steps and working through this book, you will find some common sense approach to identifying road blocks that have kept you from being the best you , and tools and techniques that will help you eliminate those blocks. It's a no-nonsense approach in helping you identify past, present, and future issues that might keep you from being the best you. There are things in our lives that we come into contact with that sometimes takes precedence over our own needs and wants. Learning to identify your true needs and wants is pivotal in living a vivid life.

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Dr. Julia Bowlin, Founder of Personal Awareness Medicince™ (PAWAR), is a physician, author, speaker, and educator who is consistently voted one of the “Nation’s Top Family Doctors” by the Consumer’s Research Counsel of America. The International Woman’s Leadership Association has also declared her a “Woman of Outstanding Leadership.” When Dr. Julia isn’t working with patients on developing their conscious awareness and strengthening their emotional intelligence when it comes to illness detection, prevention, and treatment, she instructs students at the University of Dayton and Marietta College as an associate clinical professor of medicine, and also serves as the director of allergy practice at the Family Heath Services of Darke County in Ohio.