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Julia Bowlin, MD

Because of  Dr. Bowlin's  personal past struggles with depression, self abuse,  eating disorder, and her vast education including a Bachelor of Arts degree in Socio-Anthropology and Doctorate of Medicine degree, she has an intimate as well as professional understanding of how personal, social, and cultural influences impact one’s inner self and as a result one’s overall health and wellness.  She is a physician who feels strongly that  a blend of conscious awareness, conventional medicine,  and personal responsibility is the only path towards living  a healthier, wealthier, and wiser life.


Julia Bowlin, MD, is a physician, author, speaker, and educator who is consistently voted one of the “Nation’s Top Family Doctors” by the Consumer’s Research Counsel of America. The International Woman’s Leadership Association has also declared her a “Woman of Outstanding Leadership”. When Dr. Julia isn’t working with patients on developing their conscious awareness and strengthening their emotional intelligence when it comes to illness detection, prevention, and treatment, she instructs students at the University of Dayton and Marrietta College as an associate clinical professor of medicine, and also serves as the director of allergy practice at the Family Heath Services of Darke County in Ohio.

Be Your OWN best friend!!

"We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies."


- Roderick Thorp


“Dr. Bowlin’s process and approach has helped me immensely in every aspect of my life.  I have lost weight, and feel overall healthier in my mental health, and now have much more concrete life goals.  She has a great understanding and can convey that well when it comes to helping people with self-love physical improvement in overall health awareness."

- Tammy C.

“It is very apparent when you sit down with Dr. Bowlin that she sees you as an individual and not a patient. She connects with you in a way that shows no judgment or criticism. Dr. Bowlin is obviously your champion in life there to help you feel better, think better, and live better."

- Bob C.

“I was amazed at how quickly Dr. Julia Bowlin connected with my needs. Her intuition was very clear and she helped me with profound personal insight that assisted me in many aspects of my life, just not in my physical health. She recognizes how important it is to address an entire person. When dealing with illness and disease. Dr. Bowlin is the top of her game. I would recommend Dr. Bowlin to anybody who truly wants to feel better, think better, and act better."

- Ronald F.

“Sometimes it's very difficult for me to connect with people and even more so with myself. Dr. Bowlin’s ability to make me feel comfortable and open up was so important when it came to her helping me with my health. She has a wonderful knack of getting to the root of the problem very quickly. She does not let you skirt around the issue and her no-nonsense approach is refreshing and necessary. I highly recommend her as a physician and health coach."

- J.R.

“True bliss occurs when our mind is at peace, our bodies don’t
talk to us, and our spirit is connected to those around us and
to the universe”


We have within us an amazing energy system that enables us to personally connect our body, mind and spirit within and with the Universe. It is within the system of connectedness between our body, mind and spirit that we are enabled to achieve states of good health. In our world of hustle and bustle where being busy is thought of as good and healthy, the result could be personal inner chaos and confusion between our thoughts, feelings and actions We extend ourselves both physically and mentally with the ever so elusive goal of getting more done,making more money, and assisting others. Unfortunately, when we have a one track mind towards productivity and financial gain, typically what has to be given up is time spent in the focus of improving or physical health, our mental growth and our spiritual unicity.When this disconnect happens,potential connectedness between the body, mind and spirit within us and with the Universe can become elusive or seem to have disappeared entirely. The longer we wait before paying attention to this disconnected energy the more potentially debilitating, isolating, and disease provoking we will become.

Unicity is a place where the energy currents of the mind, body, and spirit flow toward the same purpose.


As a physician, this statement may be shocking. After all, don’t we go to doctors so they can cure our diseases? My goal in becoming a medical doctor is to assist you into experiencing a better state of health and vitality, not to just manage your disease. I believe prescriptions in many cases can be like band aids. They manage or cover up the symptoms, but will never heal or eliminate the root of the illness. Illness or disease can be generated over time by negative thoughts, abusive behavior to your physical body, and unbridled stress. Until this toxic bundle of behavior and choice is addressed, the disease will perpetuate even if the prescription allows the symptoms to disappear for a while.

My ultimate goal is to educate you, motivate you, and assist you in being em-PAWAR-ed by your personal care of yourself so that you may experience a state of vitality and the best overall health with which you can obtain.