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Interview with Dr. Julia,
Founder of Personal Awareness Medicine™

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Dr. Julia Bowlin, Founder of Personal Awareness Medicince™ (PAWAR), is a physician, author, speaker, and educator who is consistently voted one of the “Nation’s Top Family Doctors” by the Consumer’s Research Counsel of America. The International Woman’s Leadership Association has also declared her a “Woman of Outstanding Leadership.” When Dr. Julia isn’t working with patients on developing their conscious awareness and strengthening their emotional intelligence when it comes to illness detection, prevention, and treatment, she instructs students at the University of Dayton and Marietta College as an associate clinical professor of medicine, and also serves as the director of allergy practice at the Family Heath Services of Darke County in Ohio.

Julia Bowlin, M.D. Information Sheet


To Me I Thee Wed
Book Cover



  • Ending the Keyboard Wall: Recapturing Joy with the Patient in Spite of Your Computer
  • Excavating the REAL Patient Story
  • Breaking Down the Patient Success Barrier: PERMISSION Granted to Move Forward
  • PAWAR of the Physician/PAWAR of the Patient: Where Responsibility REALLY lies for a Healthier, Wealthier, and Wiser Patient
  • The Happy Doctor: It REALLY is possible to regain your Happiness with PAWAR
  • Tired or Toxic: How to Save the Relationship Between You and the Patient
  • Clutterless Connectivity: The Simpler Way to Connect and Help Your Patients


  • Sagacious Selfishness: Why Being Healthy Requires a Healthy Dose of Selfishness
  • Emotional Anchors: How to Cut the Chains that Bind You and Move into a Happy & Healthy Life
  • The VITAL Vitality Signs: The 6 P’s of a Vividly Vivacious Life
  • Mission IMPOSSIBLE: Critical Steps in Understanding the “WHY” Behind Failure in the Care and Keeping of YOU.
  • Change is Hard: The 4 Keys to Unlocking Needed Changes

Your Rx For a Healthier, Wealthier, Wiser You, The Digital Course

Maybe, like many of my patients, you are struggling from physical pain, illnesses, high blood pressure, or obesity. You know what you should do to start being healthier, but you just can't seem to get started making changes that will lead to a healthier life permanently.

I created my Rx for PAWAR course to help fix this.

I want you to be feeling great, joyously happy, and thinking clearly. I want to give you a Rx for Personal Awareness that you can do in your own time that’s customized just for you. By using the tools in my Rx for PAWAR course, you can achieve levels of joy, happiness and harmony that you just didn’t know how to attain on your own.