Tip #4: Life Balance is as Individual as You Are

April 4, 2017
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Tip #4: Life Balance is as Individual as You Are

Tip #4: Life Balance is as Individual as You Are

Life balance is as individual as you are. Ultimately it is the balance between how much time you spend on ‘work’ and ‘life’ that feels ideal for you. And that ideal balance means different things to different people, and it changes during different phases of our lives:

  • During our young adult years, we may be more focused on our career, knowing that the work we do is preparing us for a more leisurely future and the opportunity to pursue more fulfilling activities.
  • When we have children, and have a job, there may be less time for personal growth.
  • When we retire, we are able do more volunteer work and devote ourselves more to our personal interests.

We can be balanced during all these phases, yet “what” we are focused on differs in each phase.
Choose what areas you would like to focus on to create more balance and fulfillment in your life.

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