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If you knew the secret to maximizing the best patient visit with your physician would you be interested? If you knew your doctor would be thrilled if you came in organized and ready to get better and more healthy would that be helpful? What if I told you it was not rocket science?

Hi! I am Dr. Julia Bowlin, physician, author, an expert Personal Awareness Medicine. I have been practicing family medicine for 20 years and have had many experiences with patients that were wonderful and several that might be, well, let’s say less than wonderful. As a physician I could tell you the best thing you can do when you come in to the office is to realize that I am a human being. As a physician I am driven by the desire to help you. I want you to feel better. I want to be able to assist you in better health and motivate you to do the kinds of things that you need to do to feel better. Keeping this in mind I am not God nor do I want to pretend that I am. I really appreciate it when you are honest with me about your symptoms. I really appreciate it when you tell me what you think might be the problem. Sometimes I recognize the patient actually may know more about what’s going on with them than I do.

Please help guide me in learning about your problem, be prepared with questions, be prepared to be ultimately responsible for your own health care. If you do these things I assure you that as your physician I will be more than happy to assist you in trying to get more healthy. Remember, however, that the buck stops with you. You, in the long run, need to take care of yourself and recognize what your responsibility is in the care and the keeping of yourself as well as in the guiding of me as your physician towards treating you in the best manner possible.