Tip # 7: Just Say ‘No’

Work life balance is a constant struggle for us all. It seems like even though we have more ‘conveniences’ in our lives, we have less time than ever. The more demands that are placed on us, the more we ‘tune out’ to the stresses of life, and robotically get through our ‘to do’ list so we can collapse at the end of the day to start again tomorrow.

The good news is that there is a way you can immediately make a big difference in your life balance. It is a simple, yet powerful two letter word – ‘no’. Before you instinctively say ‘yes’ to the requests of your friends, family and boss, ask yourself how it will impact you if you say ‘yes’, and if you have the option to say ‘no’. Start saying ‘no’ to things you do not need to do. Or at least put them at the bottom of the list after the things you ‘have to’ do and the things you ‘want to’ do. Just by choosing to say ‘no’ more often, you will regain a significant amount of your time, and feel more balanced and in control.

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