Tip #16: A Life Out of Balance Comes With a Price

Consistently living life out of balance – at a frantic pace — comes with a price. Not only for the people who are experiencing the imbalance, but also for the people they care about, and the organizations they serve.

Did you know that companies lose between $200 – $300 per person annually due to work place stress? Did you know that 80% of people feel stress on the job and that stress is the number 1 health problem? And global studies indicate that 70% of workers do not feel they have good work-life balance.

Frantic, chaotic, hectic lifestyles cost us not only the joy we find in life, but create a feeling of loss of control, while negatively impacting everyone and everything around us.

Make this year different than the last and choose to move toward balance, so instead of paying the ‘price’, you can reap the ‘reward’.

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