From Surviving to Thriving: 5 Keys to Banish Burnout and Fight Fatigue

(So You LOVE Your Work, Smash Your To-Do List, and Win Back Your Weekends)




  • April 18, 2017

Tuesday April 18th, 2017  7:30 P.M. EDT


  • 1

    A Step By Step Plan To Fight Fatigue and Feel Fantastic

  • 2

    How To Stop Spinning Your Wheels, Get Focused, and Seriously Smash Your To-Do List

  • 3

    The REAL Reason You Are Stressed and Overwhelmed And How You Can Take Back Your Emotional And Physical Health

  • 4

    The Secret To Ending Mental CHAOS and Emotional Overwhelm So You Can Sleep At Night & Wake Up Excited To Take On The New Day

  • 5

    How To Rebuild Faith And Trust In Your Ability To Follow Through And Practice Great Self Care

  • 6

    How To Do All Of This While Feeling Vivacious, Thinking More Clearly, And Connecting More Deeply With Those You Love

Dr. Julia Bowlin

  • Dr. Julia is a physician with 23+ years experience and over >100,000 patients visits
  • She is the Author of the book "To Me I Thee Wed" 
  • Professional Speaker and the founder of "Personal Awareness Medicine" that is being taught to physicians nationwide and "The PAWAR ® of Mindset Medicine" ( Corporations)
  • She has been consistently voted one of the “Nation’s Top Family Doctors” by the Consumer’s Research Counsel of America and has been recognized in the "Leading Physicians of the World" publication. The International Woman’s Leadership Association has also declared her a “Woman of Outstanding Leadership”.

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