Irritating Winter Skin?? Try these simple tips

Is your skin itchy? Dry? Are you getting a rash and waking up at night digging at your skin? I KNOW what that is like and it is no picnic. During the winter months our skin undergoes changes in how it feels and behaves which we might not necessarily enjoy. The moisture in the air we love and crave in the summer is lacking and our skin is thirsty and dry. Here are just a few things I hope will help your transition into comfortable skin again.

1. Change your hygiene regimen:
Skin and Lips: Our skin loves and craves moisture and let’s face it dry skin itches, lacks vitality and is uncomfortable. Who doesn’t want smooth, soft, and radiant skin? Combat the discomfort by preparing, preventing as well as treating the dry cracked irritation of an unhappy skin barrier with these suggestions.
• Soap: While it feels awesome to lather up and feel that “squeaky-clean” you may actually be doing damage to your birthday suite during your shower-time.
Julia Bowlin, M.D. - Tips for Winter Skin

Tip #1: Avoid deodorant soaps like Lever 2000, Dial, Safeguard, and Irish Spring. I know they smell great and are awesome in the lather department but why would you want deodorant layered on your already dry skin? Choose to use a moisturizing soap like Dove or Ivory and minimize showering for when you are actually dirty and not everyday when possible. And while I am reviewing the very personal experience of getting buck-naked in the shower or bath turn the heat down!

Tip#2: Take a LUKEWARM shower to minimize the removal of your natural skin oils and PAT rather than rub your skin dry with that fluffy towel. I know it feels delicious to rub and scratch with the towel while drying but save your skin by NOT doing that!

Tip #3: Moisture IN THE SHOWER
While still in the shower and before you pat dry with that towel slather up with an “in shower” moisturizer. I like Neutrogena Sesame Oil, Oil of Olay brand “In Shower” Moisturizer, or Jergen’s Wet Skin Moisturizer. Rub these in when you are wet and PAT dry after taking a lukewarm (not hot) shower.
Julia Bowlin, M.D. - Body Oil for Winter Skin

Julia Bowlin, M.D. - Moisturizer for Winter Skin








Tip #4 Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and by minimizing the caffeine(which can cause diuresis and therefore dehydration). Dry winter months sneakily pull your fluids out of your skin more rapidly without your awareness and as a result you can become dehydrated faster than you are aware.

Man drinking water isolated in studio

Man drinking water isolated in studio

And there you have it…4 Common Sense Skin Tips from Dr. Julia. Until later… Be Happy, Be Healthy, and Behave.

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