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Do you crave balance between your work and life?

Do you want to be more productive and more stress free?

Finding the right balance of your personal and professional life is one of the most common complaints from people of all walks of life. The fact is, however, that finding balance is one thing and maintaining it is much, much harder.

Being able to "keep all your plates spinning" is almost an art form, and there is so much riding on your success.  By keeping a quality work-life balance, you will experience a feeling of satisfaction, as will those around you, including colleagues, peers, employees, bosses and loved ones. But let that balance slip, even briefly, and it could have devastating consequences.

So we’re going to do something about it!

I am announcing a series of 6 audios on "The Ins and Outs of Work-Life Balance".

I’ve recorded a series of 6 audios on this subject that will provide you with the right mix of tools, resources and advice that will have you feeling better about the task of balancing your work and life.

After just one audio you’ll feel energized and inspired to get things back on track. Then, after listening to all 6, you’ll be well equipped to manage your home and work life more confidently and elegantly. You’ll have the tools and the wisdom to free up your valuable time and accomplish more, making you and those around you very happy.

These audios are only 4-6 minutes long, so they’re very convenient. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in such a short time!

Just imagine what it would be like if your life was in balance. Think about how much more productive and relaxed you could be, and how much more your relationships will improve.

In these 6 short audios on The Ins and Outs of Work-Life Balance, you will:

  • Learn the true definition of work-life balance and what that means for you.
  • Examine and assess the balance between work and life in your own life right now.
  • Create a vision of your ideal balanced life.
  • Understand and identify the most common inner obstacles to work-life balance.
  • Understand and identify the most common outer obstacles to work-life balance.
  • Identify some small, simple changes you can make that will make a BIG difference.

You can easily acquire these skills—all you have to do is listen to these audios 1 every 1-2 days. They will come to your email inbox so you can listen when it is most convenient.

The titles for the audio series on The Ins and Outs of Work-Life Balance are:

  • Audio #1. What is Work-Life Balance?
  • Audio #2. Weighing Your Own Balance
  • Audio #3. Your Balanced Day
  • Audio #4. Inner Obstacles to Balance
  • Audio #5. Outer Obstacles to Balance
  • Audio #6. Small and Simple Choices for Work-Life Balance

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The Ins and Outs of Work-Life Balance.

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Julia Bowlin, MD, is a physician, author, speaker, and educator who is consistently voted one of the “Nation’s Top Family Doctors” by the Consumer’s Research Counsel of America. The International Woman’s Leadership Association has also declared her a “Woman of Outstanding Leadership”. When Dr. Julia isn’t working with patients on developing their conscious awareness and strengthening their emotional intelligence when it comes to illness detection, prevention, and treatment, she instructs students at the University of Dayton and Marrietta College as an associate clinical professor of medicine, and also serves as the director of allergy practice at the Family Heath Services of Darke County in Ohio.

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