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How to Interrupt Negative Patterns

When unfavorable situations, actions and emotional conflicts happen again and again in your life—same scene, different characters—there’s a good chance you are in the presence of a negative “pattern.”   Some examples: picking the wrong lovers/partners, constant conflict with co-workers, chronic debting, people-pleasing.   At best, these negative patterns cause frustration. At worst, they cause […]

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The Best Gift Ever

For many people the holiday spirit is filled with joy,  anticipation, and of course the stress of the perfect gift.  We are searching to give, make, prepare, bake, design, wrap and beautify that ever so elusive”perfect gift” and experience.  We want the image, design, and overall experience of the holiday season to be loving and […]

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The Power of a Promise

This time of the year, probably more so than any other, is the time that we reminisce over our past, and contemplate our futures. While we are attending gatherings with friends and families, breaking bread together, sharing gifts and good times, and rolling into the new year with new energy and gusto, we are also […]

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