Tip # 7: Just Say ‘No’
Work life balance is a constant struggle for us all. It seems like even though we have more ‘conveniences’ in Read more.
Tip #6: Your Life Balance is Just a Choice Away
Sometimes people feel that in order to have more balance in their life, they will have to make life altering Read more.
Tip #5: Work Life Balance in 4 Easy Steps
Can it be that easy? Can someone really achieve a balanced life in 4 simple steps? Life balance is all Read more.
Tip #4: Life Balance is as Individual as You Are
Life balance is as individual as you are. Ultimately it is the balance between how much time you spend on Read more.
Tip #3: Your Perfect Day
Your perfect day of balance, peace, happiness and contentment - what would that be? Have you ever thought about it? Read more.
Tip #2: The Big Debate of Work-Life Balance
There is a big debate about whether someone really can achieve work- life balance. I think it’s all in your Read more.
16 day “Life Balance Blast off” Tips – Tip #1 Work-Life Balance
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Why You Should Nix Your New Year’s Resolutions This Year
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Julia Bowlin, M.D. - Brainpower To Visualize the Future
“Hack” Into Your Own Brainpower To Visualize the Future You Want
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Julia Bowlin, M.D. - Shame Rule Your Life
How Does Shame Rule Your Life?
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Julia Bowlin, M.D. - Change is Difficult
The Difficulty of Change
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Julia Bowlin, M.D. - Goals to Healthy, Athletically Lean
How Lean Do You REALLY Want To BE??
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